Invitation 2022/2023

Welcome to the PUMS Doctoral School
in academic year 2022/2023

It is an honour and a privilege to greet you as a Vice Rector and Director of Doctoral School.

If you are anything like I was, when I started my academic carrier, you are having a million different emotions and asking yourself plenty of different questions. "Did I make the right choice?", "Is this worth the sacrifices I have made to be and to get here?".

I can assure everyone that you are here, because you deserve to be and because you can bring and bringing something new and exciting to this diverse learning community.

So I cordially welcome new PhD students and our second year PhD students.

I imagine some of you, applying to Doctoral School, knew exactly what you want to study and intend to stay focused on that topic. I think that's great.

But I also encourage you to be open to new ideas, experiences, and directions. You are learning from the greatest in the field and with the best and the brightest surrounding you, and will undoubtedly be challenged to think about new topics or view old topics in new ways. You never know when something might arouse your interest.

You have a community of friends, teachers and colleagues in the DS. I hope you will find a fantastic group of mentors and colleagues daily. Look around you.

The people working in the Doctoral School are and will be your friends, your colleagues, and perhaps most importantly, your partners. Do not hesitate to call when you need to - personally or professionally. We will be your best source of support and help you make the most of your experience here.

The relationships you develop with the faculty, with us, your staff, students, and your colleagues will also help you build your career.

You are all here because you want to become the movers and shakers of the future. I urge you to make this happen by meeting new people, tapping into new resources, and joining the PUMS community. The benefits will follow you forever.

I, like many of my colleagues, have grown at PUMS.

We offer you some simple advice on how to make the best of your experience here at PUMS Doctoral School. Please share your knowledge and skills; do not keep them to yourself. Challenge yourself and your peers daily.

Embrace one another's passions for education, communities, policy, and practice. Absorb everything. And above all, have fun.

As a boy, Harry Potter was told he had the power to change the lives of all individuals in the wizarding community. You, too, have the power to change people's lives - the lives of students, faculty, and staff in the public scientific way.

And we, Your Doctoral School Authorities, look forward to doing this with you!

Best of luck to every one of you!

Be successful in the next academic year 2022/2023.

Prof. Ewa Wender-Ożegowska
Director of Doctoral School