About Doctoral School

„…In this way the objectivity of scientific inquiry is emphasized, that it does not take orders from any external factors and that it does not wish to serve any incidental considerations, but that it regards only experience and reasoning as its masters, and that it has only one task: to seek duly substantiated true judgments, or at least the most probable ones."

Prof. Kazimierz Twardowski


prof. Ewa Wender-Ożegowska

Dear Doctoral Students,

The doctoral school is a step not only to start the adventure with science, but – above all – a step to actively participate in the intellectual life of the university and co-create its ideas.

The Doctoral School of Poznan University of Medical Sciences opens its doors to all candidates in the field of medical sciences and health sciences who successfully pass the qualification procedures.

We remove the language barrier and invite candidates from all over the world to study in Poznań, providing attractive conditions for development, and thanks to the "Law on Higher Education", the so-called Act 2.0, also the necessary financial support.

TThe Doctoral School of the PUMS is a modern educational program, prepared by our academic staff in cooperation with partners from foreign universities and research centers and ☞ the UMP Doctoral Students' Self-Government. We created it with a view to good preparation for conducting scientific research and participation in academic life and international exchange. Thanks to the NAWA STER program, we have the opportunity to educate also in the English-language program and even wider scientific cooperation with Universities around the world.

Ihope that our doctoral students will realize their scientific passions and life plans here, and obtaining a doctoral degree will open the way for them to a professional career where knowledge, competence and a solid research workshop are necessary.

Iinvite you to study at the Doctoral School and actively participate in the life of the academic community of our University.

Prof. Ewa Wender-Ozegowska, MD, PhD
Vice-Rector for Doctoral School and Postgraduate Education



The Doctoral School of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences is a university-wide unit, reporting directly to the Rector. It was created by the decision of the Rector in 2019.

RECRUITMENT to the SD takes place through an open competition based on substantive criteria and is carried out on reliable and transparent terms set by the Senate. Recruitment is conducted in Polish, as well as for two years in English , which enables a wide selection of candidates from around the world. The limits of admission to the SD for individual scientific disciplines in which education is conducted are set annually by the Rector, on the basis of applications from the Director of the SD.

Candidates planning to carry out research projects, as well as scientists implementing research projects or grants, can apply for places in the SD. The Doctoral School creates optimal conditions for education and conducting scientific research in order to prepare doctoral students to obtain a doctoral degree in the field of medical sciences and health sciences, in three scientific disciplines, such as pharmaceutical sciences, medical sciences and health sciences.

SD supports the development of doctoral students by providing favorable substantive, financial and organizational conditions, enabling the implementation of an independent research project, as well as the acquisition of knowledge, skills and social competences to take up challenges both in the professional and public spheres, taking into account their ethical dimension.

The education of doctoral students is conducted on the basis of an educational program and an individual research plan. The education of doctoral students at the Doctoral School takes place free of charge and lasts 8 semesters and ends with the submission of a doctoral dissertation. The SD program not only enables the acquisition of research competences, but also prepares doctoral students to obtain the skills to disseminate and use the results of scientific research. The educational program is innovative, and we try to stimulatethefashion and development of doctoral students.

In each year, four-year period of education, the doctoral student has not only the opportunity but also the obligation to conduct or participate in conducting didactic classes with students. By the end of the first year of education, each doctoral student develops an individual research plan containing, in particular, a schedule for the preparation of a doctoral dissertation. The implementation of the approved plan shall be subject to a mid-term evaluation by the Committee.

Doctoral students at the Doctoral School receive a doctoral scholarship in the amount of PLN 2,400, while after two years, after obtaining a positive mid-term assessment , the scholarship is PLN 3,700 and is paid by law – without the need for the doctoral student to submit any application, application, etc. The main objectives of education at the Doctoral School are: preparing doctoral students to perform didactic, research and research and development work, also in the international environment; acquiring by doctoral students the ability to use the world's scientific achievements, identify and solve research problems, plan and implement scientific research, develop their results in the form of patents, publications or presentations during scientific congresses, obtain high research competences and scientific independence by doctoral students, prepare doctoral students to independently plan their own scientific development and take up challenges in the professional sphere and publicly, taking into account their ethical dimension and responsibilities, in accordance with the European Charter for Researchers, as well as to participate in the exchange of scientific experience and ideas, also in the international environment.

The Doctoral School of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences offers the doctoral student: