Annual Report

DOCTORAL student's annual report

Following the Regulations and the Education Program of the PUMS Doctoral School, a doctoral student is required to prepare an annual report and submit it to the Doctoral School Director. This report should cover scientific work, completed exams, obtained credits, and teaching activities. The report must also include the supervisor's or supervisors' opinion on the education program progress and the outcomes and advancements of the activities outlined in the individual research plan. The annual report has to be submitted by July 20th of each calendar year for the given academic year.

All exam and credit results data will be entered into the university's information system by June 30, 2024.

A template form is available in an announcement by the Director of the Doctoral School.

Director of the Doctoral School's Communication No. 5/2024 regarding establishing the doctoral students' annual report template for the Poznań University of Medical Sciences in 2024.

Doctoral student’s annual report 2024

The report form must be completed electronically and submitted on paper after being approved by the supervisor(s).

If there is no information for a particular field, enter "none" (if it concerns an element necessary for the academic year completion, e.g. a scientific publication or participation in an international conference, justification must be given). The report must be accompanied by documents supporting the scientific activity - the forms of attachments are described in the table.

The following documents must be submitted to the Doctoral School Office (70 Bukowska St, 2nd floor, room D208) no later than July 22, 2024:

1) Doctoral Student’s Annual Report along with the supervisor's assessment for the year 2023/2024. [The doctoral student and the supervisor(s) must sign the form.]

2) Protocols of completion of PhD Seminars and Professional internships (teaching activities) issued by the supervisor. The supervisor must log in to his account in the WISUS system and then select the proper type of classes in the INDEX module (Protocols must be printed and signed by the supervisor/s)

3) The doctoral student's periodic achievement card for the academic year 2023/2024 - to prepare the doctoral student's periodic achievement card, one should log in to one's account in the WISUS system and then generate the card in the INDEKS module (the card will be available after obtaining all required entries in the course credit reports, including credit for optional courses, individual classes, and internships).[ the card shall be submitted without signature]

Doctoral students completing their second and fourth year of training are additionally obliged to submit a Supervisor/Promoter Evaluation Questionnaire (a separate form for each supervisor), according to the following form:

Supervisor evaluation questionnaire

Doctoral students completing their third year of training are additionally obliged to submit a statement of published scientific articles that will be included in the publication cycle, which serve as a  base of their doctoral dissertation, according to the following model:

Statement of published scientific articles


Doctoral Student’s Annual Report - NAWA STER 
Report forms for doctoral students pursuing education under the NAWA STER program

Doctoral student’s annual report 2024

Doctoral student’s annual report 2023

Doctoral student’s annual report 2022


Failure to submit a report on time and to meet the conditions for passing the year may serve as grounds for removal from the doctoral school.