Morasko sightseeing tour - 9 Oct 2022

Dear PhD Students,

On the nearest Sunday, the 9th of October (Sunday), the weather is going to be lovely. It means that our trip to the northern outskirts of Poznan is becoming realistic.

We would like to start academic year 2022/2023 at Doctoral School together. So let's start by doing Morasko sightseeing tour.

If you want to participate - please register here.

We meet at OSIEDLE SOBIESKIEGO terminus tram station (tram loop) at 10.30 am CEST.

This is the last station of Poznań Fast Tram (Szybki Tramwaj). Renovation works are currently underway on the high-speed tram route. The T12 bus line runs along the "fast tram" route. The T12 line connects the point from which the trip starts, i.e. the tram terminus at Osiedle Sobieskiego with tram stops - Żniwna and Armii Poznań, where it will be possible to change from tram lines from the city No. 4, 10, 15 and 96, coming from Połabska and Błażeja streets.

There is a beautiful 10 km trip ahead of us ahead of us from Osiedle Sobieskiego to Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve via the highest mountain in the Poznan area, which is Góra Moraska (153.8 m). The trip's culmination will be a "surprise" around 12.30 pm, and then we will accompany you to the tram on OS. SOBIESKIEGO station. Bring comfortable shoes and jackets as it will be sunny but cold (6 to 14 °C).

☞ more about Educational trail in the “Morasko Meteorite” nature reserve