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prof. Ewa Wender-OżegowskaPUMS Doctoral School has received funding for the project "Towards unmet clinical and educational needs at PUMS" submitted within the STER Program - Internationalization of doctoral schools of the National Agency for Academic Exchange ☛ NAWA.

The project, referred to as PUMSTER, was implemented on the 4th of January this year by our Doctoral School team. The funds granted to PUMS amount to 1,996,290 PLN, which, when combined with the University's funding, gives 2,218,000 PLN. Obtaining financing is a great success for our University. The awarded project was among 12 selected from 34 submitted by Polish universities and institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. We emphasize with great satisfaction that we are the only medical university awarded funding among the awarded institutions.

The project obtained is systemic support for the internationalization of our Doctoral School in several areas, first of all, in improving the quality of education and research and increasing the international mobility of doctoral students. PUMSTER will allow for the development of long-term international cooperation in the field of education, science, clinical trials, and broadly understood cooperation, also with industry.

Thanks to PUMSTER, we can attract doctoral students and promoters from abroad and pay scholarships to doctoral students implementing doctoral projects in international cooperation. We will also be able to apply and implement international research projects more effectively.

As part of this project, we have the opportunity to invite, from the 1st of April, 6 doctoral students from abroad who, after passing the qualification procedure and presenting the research plan, will become full-fledged doctoral students of our internationalized Doctoral School. Therefore, I would like to invite university graduates and students of the last year and potential promoters who, together with PUMS promoters, will guide these students. We will be recruiting other 18 candidates (both Polish and international students) for our internationalized Doctoral School during the summer months. They will also study at our Doctoral School in English and carry out their doctoral dissertations under two Supervisors' mentorship, including one from abroad.

Soon after the approval of the relevant documents by the Senate of our University, we will present further information to those interested in our initiative. However, due to the short time that NAWA gave us to start recruitment, we would like to get you interested in this project as soon as possible. We want to be able to invite young adepts to scientific cooperation within PUMSTER. We remain with hope and conviction that, according to the name of our project "Towards unmet clinical and educational needs at PUMS", we will have a chance to organize a Doctoral School where excellent doctoral students will be supervised by the best scientists and educators from our University and research units of world renown.

Yours faithfully

Prof. dr hab. Ewa Wender-Ożegowska
Vice-Rector for Doctoral School and Postgraduate Education


Doctoral School Office will be closed


On February 16, 2024, the Doctoral School Office will be closed

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